Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pin head...

Hi everyone just thought I'd share a sort of hair tutorial (not really but anyways) that helped to get texture and curl in my hair overnight. All I did was take like 1-2 inch sections of hair, wrap them around my fingers and pin them to my head. I did that with all of my hair...

I did this while my hair was dry and then the next morning after a shower and make up I took all of the grips out and this is what I ended up with.

I then styled my hair and put the front up and I really liked the light curls it made as it added texture and volume without me having to use any heat or products apart from a little bit of hairspray.

Then it rained ....

Haha I was gutted that it all fell out but there's still a wave and a bit of texture in it so I guess it's alright.

Rainy Wednesday love 

Amy x

A few NOTDs :D

I can't remember what days I had these nails but I just thought I'd share some with you :D

Gosh - Frou Frou

Miss Sporty - Red (not sure of the number but any red base will do)
Barry M - Red Glitter (over the top)

Models Own - Grace Green

Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Gold Foil
Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Purple Rain

Models Own - Dusty Mauve

Omg so excited for the new Models Own "Beetlejuice" Collection that is coming out early November.
The collection features FIVE brand new duo chrome colours that look B-E-A-UTIFUL :D
What their Facebook Page has to say :

" GOLDEN GREEN (a fresh energetic acid)

AQUA VIOLET (a true sky shimmer)

PURPLE BLUE (a vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo)

PINKY BROWN (a warm rusty pink) 

EMERALD BLACK (a bold-blackened midnight peacock). 

Each bottle contains four pearlescent colours mixed into one gleaming shade, and the complex colour-shifting, with flashes of vivid tones and ethereal hues, gives a shimmering duo chrome finish.

I'm not sure if it's going to be limited edition or not but you can check out pictures of the polishes on their Facebook Page
If you want to check out any of the other Models own nail polishes click here

That's all for this post people, talk soon


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Stupid Sky...

Hi guys,
I'm getting really annoyed at the fact that at my new house that I've currently lived in for 4 weeks STILL doesn't have internet! We've phoned umpteen times and now we're waiting for a new router which could then take anywhere between 4 and 14 days to activate :(
The only places I have internet are at Uni and at our friends house but I always forget to write on here.
I wanted to start doing weekly youtube videos but I can't do that either :( I'm going to try and get a Halloween tutorial up hopefully before the end of the week but I don't know yet. It should definately be up by the end of next week.
I'm going to be doing Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas as that's what I'm being for Halloween with the boyfriend going as Jack!
I'm also going to have to practice doing my mums, sisters, friends, cousins, dads and boyfriends makeup on myself so I might upload those aswell.
My mums going as a scary Alice in Wonderland and my dads going as a "Bad Hatter"
My sister and my cousins girlfriend are going as dead cheerleaders so I need to practice that aswell.
And my cousin is going as a vampire which is pretty simple but I shall practice anyway.

So Halloween is going to be very busy for me as I have to do makeup for 6 people plus me and I'll probably have about 4 or 5 hours to do it in for a party on the 29th.

Right I think I've written enough for now. I'm in uni tomorrow so I shall try and come up with something interesting to put on this blog for then. We shall see.


Amy xx