Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Childhood Pie :D

I got home last night to find out that my mum had made cheese and onion pie which she hasn't made since I was like 8 and she even put my initial on it like she used to. It's ace, everybody has their slice identified with their initial. Even my boyfriend got a piece lol. Just a random thing but i like it :D

Monday, 30 August 2010

Nails of the Day

Models Own - Golden Peach #NP090
I love this colour...it lives up to it's name and is a true peach colour with a gold sheen to it which i think is really pretty. Needs three coats to be really opaque but it's worth it for the colour payoff. :D

Friday, 27 August 2010

Nails of the Day

Models Own - Lili's Pink #NP082
This is a gorgeous barbie pink colour with a really pretty silver shimmer in it which I think looks great. One coat was good but I think it needed two coats to be completely opaque and perfect. :D x

Models Own Nail Polishes

Ok so I found these nail varnishes one day as I was walking around a Boots store in town and I noticed that the offer that they had on was that you got a free 4-way nail buffer with any nail polish so i picked one up and that cost me £5 and since then i've been interested in purchasing some of their other nail varnishes but was a bit hesitant as £5 is quite pricey for me as i'm used to getting the 2 for £5 offer on Barry M nail paints. So one day last week i went on the Models Own website and saw the advert for the discount that people would receive when the company reached 10,000 "likes" on Facebook...I liked and that Friday i was given the code that allowed me 50% off any orders over £20. This meant i had the chance to pick up some nail polishes for £2.50 each, the same price i pay for my Barry M nail paints which I swear by. I ordered 9 nail polishes on the Saturday night and they arrived the following Thursday morning which is quick considering how many orders the comapny must have had to get through and ship off. Anyways...I've been chatting too much so now it's time for some photos and little reviews of each individual colour....
This is how my package arrived. I liked how each nail polish was individually wrapped so there were no breakages :)
All 10 of my models own nail polishes:
Top Row L-R
  • Disco Mix
  • Propper Copper
  • Golden Peach
  • Blue Med
  • Dusty Mauve
  • Mixed Up
  • Lilli's Pink
Bottom Row L-R
  • Orange Sherbert
  • Beth's Blue
  • Top Turquoise

Disco Mix
This is one of my favourite nail polishes that I got. It's mainly just a glitter polish but it has Purple, Blue and Pink glitters in it. It took about 3 coats to get a full nail of glitter but it looked AMAZING when i had finished. Can't wait to paint all of my nails with this one :D
Propper Copper
Another gorgeous colour that I wanted to get as I already have a silver and gold nail polish so I wanted a bronze and this is it. It's a gorgeous bronze metallic polish with small pieces of silver glitter in it that definately sparkle in the light. Love it and this one only needed two coats.
Golden Peach
This one does exactly what it says on the tin. A gorgeous peach shade with a gold metallic finish to it. A must have for summer although the UK summer is over :( Three coats make this polish perfect.
Lilli's Pink
One of my favourite combinations of nail polishes in the past has been a Barbie pink colour with a silver nail polish over the top and this is that combination in a bottle. One coat and it was perfect but I added a second just to make the pink brighter and the silver a lot more sparkly. My little sister loved this one from the minute she saw it so she's got this on her nails already. Gorgeous.
Dusty Mauve
I bought this one as I asked my boyfriend what colour he thought I should get and he randomly said Mauve so this is the one i got. I must say I'm quite impressed. It's a metallic grey colour but it also has tones of purple and blue in it when it catches the light so I think I'm going to be wearing this one a lot during winter. Two coats were used to make this one completley opaque.

Mixed Up
OMG! When I saw this on the website it looked like a black nail polish with silver glitter but then when I picked this bottle up I was amazed by it. It's a black glitter polish with silver, blue, red, green, gold, pink, purple glitter in it aswell. B-E-A-UTIFUL! I needed three coats to make this one super opaque and sparkly but it's awesome and I've never seen anything like it before.
Beth's Blue
I've wanted a nice pastel shade of blue for a while. I bought one on my trip to Las Vegas but I've lost it since and this one just caught my eye. It's a very pale blue but it goes on so creamy and opaque it only takes one coat and I find that very impressive is something so pale as I was expecting it to go on quite sheer and have to be layered up to create the opacity that was in the bottle but NO....not this one. Another of my favourites from this order :D
Orange Sherbert
On the website this polish looked a lot more yellow so I was surprise to see how truly orange it was. This colour goes on quite sheer and I think to get the opacity I would like I would need three coats but it's still a beautiful colour. A metallic orange that's great for summer or for halloween. Maybe this with Mixed Up on top...hmmm....a combo i will have to try :D
Blue Med
This is a mid tone blue with a silver metallic finish to it. It's a beautiful colour although it's sheer yet I did three coats and it was perfect. I put it on my nails ready for work and the metallic finish makes it different than any other blue nail polish that i have. Love it!
Top Turquoise
So this is the first Models Own nail polish that I got. I didn't order this one I bought this one from the Boots in town as I mentioned at the beginning of this very long post hehe. It's a flat pure turquoise colour and is gorgeous especially on my toes in the summer :D Like Beth's Blue, one coat is all you need but I like to put two coats on just because :D

Final words on Models Own nail polishes....great value for money whilst the offer is on but I still think they are worth the £5 normally after trying out all of these. The drying time is soooooo much quicker than the Barry M nail paints like I can do one coat one each hand and then go back and start the second coat as they will be dry already. That's a winning factor for me as I hate it when i think a nail polish is dry and I do something then notice a few hours later that it's all smudged and messed up.

So yeah, that's all I have to say on my Models Own nail polish collection. I'm looking at getting some more soon so I shall keep you updated :D

Amy xx

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Me and my boyfriend Danny on holiday in Malta this summer <3

Just Starting

So I thought I'd start a blog. And I did. It's going to be for photos of make up and nail polish and just things that go on in my life :) Looking forward to how this is going to go so yay :D
Bye xx